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Thursday, January 20, 2021
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Pneu-Tech Systems provides quality services and complete commitment to the customer through all stages of the project.

View our Partial Customer List for a partial list of our customers to see who is using Pneu-Tech Systems products and/or services.

 Attention to all phases of a project to ensure its feasibility and cost effectiveness.

 Consulting services to provide engineering design specifications for bulk handling systems for budgeting and preliminary design purposes.

 Test facility to test dry bulk products for both pressure and vacuum applications. Tests can be run on unusual dry bulk materials to determine flowability and bulk system feasibility.

 Mechanical/electrical installation of bulk material handling systems, or technical assistance if system is customer installed.

 Start-up assistance of newly installed bulk material handling systems, and service/trouble shooting of existing systems.

 We contract for and guarantee the complete installation and start-up of a project, thus relieving plant engineers from project management/co-ordination.

 Electrical logic controls are provided as part of our scope of supply.

 Storage silos and silo foundations are provided as part of our scope of supply.

 Complete repair/rebuilding service provided for PD/Rotary Lobe Blowers and Areolocks.

 Pre-engineered brine systems.

 Mobile transfer equipment.

 Our goal is to provide seamless integration of the best components and technology to meet the customer's needs.

Company | Services | Components | Blowers | Systems
Brine Maker | Mobile Equipment | Careers | Links | Contact
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