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Friday, February 20, 2021
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Brine Maker

The Brine King salt dissolver is a down flow system designed to produce saturated brine by dissolving fine evaporated salt or rock salt.

How it Works
Fresh water enters the dissolver through a perforated water spray ring located inside the dissolving tank. The water is injected directly into the salt mass, dissolving the salt. Because brine is heavier than water, the brine flows down through three (3) layers of quartz rock filter bed and into the brine collector. At this point, the brine is crystal clear, 100% saturated solution ready for use. Note: Filter bed is not required when dissolving rock salt.

Delivery Systems
Brine may be drawn from the dissolver by direct pumping at a rate of 20 - 50 GPM (depending on the size of dissolver), or by gravity flow at a rate of 4 - 20 GPM (again, depending on the size of dissolver).

Dissolver Sizing
Our down flow salt dissolvers are available in sizes ranging from 1 ton capacity to 60 ton capacity.

The 1 ton capacity unit produces 4 - 20 GPM of 100% saturated brine by gravity flow or direct pumping. This size of dissolver is usually constructed of Polyethylene and is fed salt from 1 ton bulk bags or 80 lbs bags.

The larger units range from 15 to 60 ton capacity and produce 20 - 50 GPM of 100% saturated brine by gravity flow or direct pumping. These sizes of units are usually constructed of FRP and are fully sealed and equipped to receive bulk shipments of salt by pneumatic truck.

All Brine King salt dissolvers are provided with controls and levels for the automatic production of brine.

Heaters and insulation packages are also available for cold weather applications.

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